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Commercial robotic mower!

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A correctly installed commercial robotic mower from AMS Robotics can offer many advantages for clubs / facilities. The robot mower will quietly set about the arduous and costly task of mowing turf, all year round, with minimal human intervention.

In the commercial green space sector, where budget is everything, commercial automowers can save thousands of pounds in annual grass cutting overheads. More often than not, they are more reliable than individual staff and are able to work in all weathers, thus not affecting work schedules.

Logistically, they can reach inaccessible and remote areas, saving time and money on redeployment. They have an incredibly low carbon footprint and will go along way to meeting the emissions targets in your sector. Our professional robotic mowers also come with Belrobotics mobile app, meaning you can control them from anywhere.

It is fair to say robotic mowers are the perfect addition to any groundsman toolkit, turf care team, greenkeepers equipment or green care company. While the automowers tirelessly spend their days producing a carpet-like turf quality, you can spend your days doing other tasks. For golf facilities, the benefits are two-fold as you have the added benefit of the automated ball collection, washing and transportation alongside robotic mowing.


Here are six advantages for your facility

Number One - Driving Range Benefits

Autonomous, 24/7 operation

Mowing is automated, grass collection/disposal is no longer necessary. No manual range ball collection, washing or transportation back to the dispenser.

Number Two - Driving Range Benefits

Saves money, time and labour

Cost savings of between 10%-50%, also frees up grounds care staff/maintenance personnel to focus on other tasks.

Number Three - Driving Range Benefits

Low carbon footprint

Consumes 90% less energy and emits 10 times less CO2 than traditional maintenance equipment.

Number Four - Driving Range Benefits

Healthier turf

Tiny grass clippings fertilise the ground, reducing the overall need for chemical fertilisers. Soil compaction is eliminated, due to the lightweight robots allowing for stronger grass thanks to better root growth.

Number Five - Driving Range Benefits

Better maintenance management

Large green space facilities like sports fields/pitches or parks benefit from a regular mowing schedule. Constant ball supply for golf facilities with range balls protected from plugging/damage improves ball retention in the long run.

Number Five - Driving Range Benefits

Cutting-edge Technology

Quiet operation, self-charging, works to your schedule, the robots can be programmed remotely and offer performance monitoring.


Ideal for applications including…


Parks & gardens

  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Low Emission Areas
  • Inaccessible and Complex Areas
  • Turf Farms / Paddocks / Fields


  • Commercial Properties
  • Holiday Parks / Hotels / Complexes
  • Power Stations / Water Reservoirs
  • Noise Sensitive Areas

Sports / golf  clubs

  • Range Ball Management (Golf Facilities)
  • Night Time Mowing
  • Slopes up to 45%
  • Total Safety

In conclusion, the many advantages for clubs / facilities highlight the benefits of commercial robotic mowers and automated ball management. Why not get in touch to arange your FREE no obligation site appraisel for your facility or club.

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