Advantages for Large Residential Garden Lawns


Say goodbye to your manual mowers!

There are many advantages for large residential garden lawns to use robotic mowers. It costs less, saves you time and gives you a healthier lawn…

The Belrobotic automowers are not simply just lawnmowers. They are a robotic concept that does the work for you around the clock, without your supervision.

Keeping your lawn healthy can be a lot of hard work for many homeowners, so whether it’s to spend more time with the family, or give you or your gardener more time to spend elsewhere in the garden. Perhaps its simply just to improve the quality of your lawn, the ongoing benefits of a Belrobotics automowers seem endless.

Here are just six reasons on how robotic mowing can benefit you and your lawn.

Number One - Driving Range Benefits

A beautifully lush green lawn

Belrobotic mowers are the best thing that can happen to your turf. Its manicure mulch technique help promotes healthy grass and an amazing appearance. Whether you have a simple lawn or a complex multi-layered one with flowerbeds, rough terrain or slopes, a Belrobotics robotic mower will help you achieve perfection.

Number Two - Driving Range Benefits

Manicures your lawn

Belrobotics daily mowing boosts the density of grass blades and effectively prevents the propagation of weeds. An easy to program scheduler means it can work to your schedule. Its unique navigation technology won’t wear repetitive tracks in your lawn. The grass clippings are so short you will never need to rake them—they fall to the soil and fertilise your lawn naturally. Grass length is a matter of personal taste. Adjusting the Belrobotics mowers cutting height to your favourite length can be done via the smartphone app.

Number Three - Driving Range Benefits

Tackles uneven lawns

Uphill and downhill, Belrobotics mowers feel at home. Its advanced technology allows it to tackle inclines of between 30% to 45% depending on the model.

Number Four - Driving Range Benefits

Safe all-weather design

Housed in a protective shield, Belrobotics mower blades recoil back and the blades stop spinning immediately if the robot gets lifted off the ground. The robotic mowers are waterproof and happy to be outside even in wet weather conditions.

Number Five - Driving Range Benefits


The Belrobitc mowers automatically return to their charging station when required, so no need to worry about changing batteries or plugging it in.

Number Five - Driving Range Benefits

Silence is golden

Gas-powered mowers can get as loud as 100dB and require ear protection. Such noise propagates as far as 1km, making summer days hell. Belrobotics mowers are so quiet you can operate it during the night so you can enjoy your garden during the day.

The advantages for large residential garden lawns to switch to robotic mowing are evident, mean making the switch will be a positive descision. So why not get started with our FREE no obligation site appraisel.

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