High Legh Park Golf Club


Andrew Vaughan owner of High Legh Park Golf Club, bought the club back  in 2011 after it previously went into receivership. We speak to about his latest development of the golf facility, the recent install of robot technology at the driving range.

Q: Andrew what made you decide on AMS TrueBot robot technology for your outfield here at High Legh?

Well with about ten to fifteen thousand balls a day being hit out onto the outfield, the man hours in getting those balls in were quite prohibitive. Usually taking several hours per day to get balls in, clean them and put them back into the ball dispenser. Also over the winter we’ve been going out with heavy machinery churning up the outfield and finding a lot of balls were being mechanically plugged by the equipment, which was causing the outfield to look a right mess.

Q: What do you see as the major benefits of the system now its installed?

The fact that the robots are picking up over 24 hours. It’s only been in nearly week now, but the signs are looking really good, it’s been picking up from all the areas of the outfield.  We have quite a large outfield with some quite bumpy areas, so I was very sceptical as to whether the machines could actually cope with that. However so far they have perfectly, also the added benefit of the system putting the balls back into the ball dispenser and cleaning them, it’s just a perfect solution.

Q: Did you see the system installed at any other facilities?

Yes we travelled up to Rotherham and had a chat with the head green keeper there, who’d apparently had the system in for two years I think. Waterfront I think, that’s right yes, he was highly complementary about the system. As long as it’s maintained in a sort of daily routine of cleaning the robots really, then he said you shouldn’t experience any major problems whatsoever.

Q: How did you find the AMS team during the installation process and subsequently?

Very good. Sam and  his colleagues were excellent. Since we’ve had it installed we’ve be on the phone two or three times about some teething problems and he’s been great talking us through them. Whilst onsite he was perfect, he didn’t leave site until he was perfectly sure that everything was working great.

Q: What was the feedback from the other sites that helped you decide to install the system?

Well  going back originally we saw them at one of the golf shows. We were sceptical at the time about whether it would actually work, but my manager persuaded me to come over to Rotherham and have a look and see for myself. Also the fact that I could talk to the green keeper there and have an independent view of the system was one main reasons that made me actually decide to go ahead with installing the robots.