South Cerney Golf Club


South Cerney Golf Club and Driving Range is situated on the edge of the popular Water Park area, just outside of Cirencester. The driving range has 12 bays ( 7 covered and 5 outdoor), and recently had robot technology installed to manage the outfield maintenance.

 South Cerney Golf Club Robot Technology

Their initial interest in the robots was the benefit of improved health to the outfield, as the lawn is no longer impacted by heavy traditional equipment. The health is further enhanced by the BigMows special mulching technique that allows the tiny grass clippings to decompose within 72 hours, thus creating a natural fertiliser that all but eliminates the need for expensive treatments and maintenance.

With the introduction of robots at facility the golfers experience paramount, with that said the outfield targets at South Cerney were also upgraded, making them not only robot friendly but a great challenge for the golfer.

South Cerney Golf Club Outfield Robots

Mark Franklin, Managing Director at South Cerney Golf Club and Driving Range, said about the robots and the install process:

How did you find the installation process?

The process was very good overall, the team was very helpful and knowledgeable and kept us informed throughout the install

What did the install process involve?

Along with the introduction of the robots Big Mow and Ball Picker to the outfield, the process involved the installation of an automated ball washing system. We provided a container to house the ball pit, which the ball wash system returns the balls to after they have been cleaned. The outfield saw the introduction of new robot friendly targets, we did some pre-works to get the targets ready and the AMS install team placed coloured Astroturf over the top to create the targets.

What feedback have you received from customers and staff?

Feedback has been one of delight and amazement, everyone has been really interested and excited to see the robots at work. They are most definitely a welcomed addition to the facility and are a huge taking point amongst staff and customers.

What do you see as the biggest/noticeable transformation since the refurbishment?

With the install completed only a week ago at the end of October, the outfield is looking alot tidier already, the significance being that it’s only been the robots that have been in use. With the added fact that it has rained in the past few days the difference is much better, when compared to how it looked when traditional Ball Picker equipment was used. We are happy with the robots and expect the improvement of the overall outfield health is set to continue.

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