Commercial robotic mowing, why BigMow is the future


Today’s new and innovative way to mow your lawn has taken over the market since 1995 when robotic mowers first surfaced. It has helped people who find mowing a chore and relieved them of the task altogether. In the last 10 years since, the popularity of commercial robotic mowing has grown, starting with football pitches.

Commercial robotic mowing, why BigMow is the future

With the market now broadened you now see multiple small robotic mowers covering a larger space – opposed to a regular-sized garden. They now accommodate golf clubs, business grounds, schools, parks and every type of pitch. Suitable for use in all kinds of facilities, robotic mowers make a great addition to the tool kits of groundskeepers and landscape gardeners.

The birth of BigMow

Then BIGMOW was born, the highest performing large-format robot mower in the world! It is capable of cutting up to 24,000m2 three to five times per week. Ideal for commercial robotic mowing a single BigMow will easily replace 3 smaller mowers. Other features include:

  • Its Ecological – costs the same to run a fridge
  • Impeccable turf
  • Huge cost savings 
  • Online control
  • GPS Technology

Once set up, these mowers leave their charging stations and cut the grass without the need for any supervision. Using a random cutting technique, the result is a carpet-like lawn without the damage heavy machinery causes the ground, perfect for maintaining sports pitches in bad weather. Once low on battery, they take themselves back to their docks for charging! They can be controlled from your mobile phone at all times. 

The future of commercial robotic mowing

The future of commercial robotic mowing

BigMow robot mowers are used in thousands of football clubs around Europe. It is accommodating university grounds across main cities and dominating the golf grounds maintenance market in the UK. They are the smart way to maintain green areas. BigMow blends in with the scenery, it is a great talking point and will be sure to give your venue the modern and professional reputation it deserves. 

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