Why making the switch to robotic mowing in winter can improve the health of your turf


Making the switch to robotic mowing in winter can be a great asset to your winter grass care. We understand that caring for your driving range, sports pitch or large green area in the winter season can be extremely difficult when faced with fluctuating weather patterns.

Switch to robotic mowing in winter to improve your overall turf health

AMS Robotics are the exclusive UK distributors of the Belrobotic’s BigMow and ParcMow robot mowers. BigMow can cut up-to 24,000 m2, while ParcMow offers coverage of up-to 12,000 m2.

Simplify your mowing

Beginning your robotic mowing in winter is simple, a smartphone app lets you easily set your desired mowing schedule. During the warmer months depending on the program chosen, the total area of your green space will be mown at least 3 to 5 times a week. This benefits the overall turf health as the robotic mowers cut a very small amount each time continued throughout the week. This manicure style mulching technique results in the tiny grass clippings fertilising the soil in a 100% ecological way.

Improved turf health

Robotic mowing even in milder winter weather at a reduced frequency does contribute positively to turf health. For instance, the mowers lightweight design imposes no stress to the grass minimising the risk of soil compaction usually associated with heavy traditional ride-on mowers.

Once the warmer weather does start, a regular mowing period of a few weeks can result in a denser sward, better soil anchoring and strengthen sowing ability. Along with a decrease in the development of weeds, moss and the need for chemical fertilisers in the long term. These are all factors that help in the overall turf’s defence against the cold and wet winter weather.

belrobotics beforeandafter 1
Example of green space equipped with a Belrobotics robot (right image) and one that is not (left image)

Robotic mowing in winter – Grass height detection

There’s no need to wait till spring to begin using a robotic mower. By beginning your robotic mowing in winter is arguably the best way to get ahead of the curve, in improving your overall turf health.

One of the key benefits is the robotic mowers ability to detect grass height. With unpredictable growth patterns due to warmer winters, it can be difficult for grounds care staff to determine when to continue or stop cutting the grass. With the AMS robotic mowing system, the mower will go out but if the grass has not grown to the programmed cutting height, it simply won’t be cut.

Therefore, once the bad weather does set in, the turf quality and the ground beneath it will already be on its way to improved health, with no damage from heavy machinery.

Robotic mowing in winter – Benefits

  • Only cuts the grass if it grows to the programmed cutting height.
  • Lightweight design imposes no stress to the grass
  • Smartphone app to programme mowing schedules
  • Improved grass health, more resilient in the harsher winter weather

In closing whether you want to combat unpredictable growth rates of the milder winter weather or want to get in good preparation for the spring. The earlier you make the switch to robotic mowing, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

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