WiseNav: Perimeter Wire Free Robotic Mowers


Introducing WiseNav: Perimeter wire free robotic mowers. The latest advancement from Belrobotics utilising WiseNav technology for wireless robotic mowers, eradicating the need to install boundary wires or guide wires. Brace yourself for the latest and most remarkable upgrade available to you; centimetre accuracy systematic mowing without the limitations of a boundary wire.

Large-scale robot mowers without a boundary wire

Large-scale robot mowers without a boundary wire

Elevate your turf care management with WiseNav, perimeter wire free robotic mowers. Belrobotics have seamlessly integrated the advanced GPS-RTK technology with the groundbreaking WiseNav technology. Designed to revolutionize precision landscaping, these robotic marvels deliver unparalleled precision and navigation capabilities, liberating you from the constraints of a boundary wire. Prepare to experience a threefold increase in mowing capacity while minimizing your workload. WiseNav is a must-have solution not only for turf professionals but also for golf range managers seeking unmatched performance from range ball collection.

The Upgrade You’ve Been Longing For

As a passionate greenkeeper, football pitch manager, sports facility manager, or green space enthusiast, your ultimate goal is to optimize field management and turf care. Belrobotics WiseNav technology can offer you:

Streamlined Interface and Simplified Installation

Bid farewell to buried boundary wires and the inconvenience of interruptions. Our team of experts at AMS Robotics will handle the scanning and programming of safety zones, ensuring a seamless installation process. Effortlessly define work zones and no-go zones at your convenience using the intuitive Belrobotics app or the user-friendly portal. This unparalleled flexibility allows you to exclude complex obstacles or flooded areas and customize the mowing pattern based on your property’s unique orientation. Leveraging GPS positions, the robot meticulously records work zones down to the centimetre, guaranteeing precise and efficient mowing results.

Streamlined Interface and Simplified Installation
Perfect Adaptability to All Terrains

Perfect Adaptability to All Terrains

Belrobotics robotic mowers are built to excel on diverse landscapes, including football pitches, industrial green spaces, golf courses, parks, and gardens. Whether you have a single field or multiple areas to maintain, the robotic mowers effortlessly rise to the challenge. The mowers offer an impressive slope tolerance of up to 45%, conquering difficult terrains with ease. Additionally, a single 4G multi-robot system empowers you to effortlessly control all your fields within a 15-kilometre perimeter using the user-friendly portal or app. Belrobotics robotic mowers operate continuously, automatically calculating the optimal trajectory to deliver exceptional results.

3 x More Capacity

By harnessing GPS-RTK cutting-edge technology, once the WiseNav upgrade is activated, the possibilities expand exponentially. Belrobotics wire-free mowing solution has undergone rigorous testing on over 600 robots across various terrains, proving its exceptional capabilities. You can experience extraordinary mowing capacity of up to 75,000 m² with BigMow GPS-RTK and unparalleled efficiency in collecting golf range balls with BallPicker GPS-RTK.

3 x More Capacity
Eco-Friendly Practices with Unmatched Precision

Eco-Friendly Practices with Unmatched Precision

A wire-free installation coupled with autonomous mowing ushers in an environmentally-friendly system. No more disruptive digging on your green spaces, as the robotic mower meticulously respects safety zones with centimetre precision. Belrobotics electric robots emit zero CO2, bolstering your image and aligning with your corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. With WiseNav technology, you can further enhance sustainability and aesthetics by adjusting the mowing height in each work zone thus seamlessly determining transit zones between your fields.

Wireless Satellite Exact Navigation Logo

Wireless Satellite Exact Navigation

Existing customers already utilizing GPS-RTK robots with GPS-RTK stations, can receive the WiseNav upgrade remotely via a software update.

Customers using Belrobotics Connected Line robots will require their equipment to be upgraded to GPS-RTK in order to unlock the benefits of three times the mowing capacity and streamlined management of mowing/ ball collection and exclusion zones.

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Total Control at Your Fingertips

You can experience unparalleled convenience with complete control over your WiseNav-enabled robotic mower right from the palm of your hand. Belrobotics simplified interface ensures effortless navigation and management. Enjoy 24/7 remote access, empowering you to monitor and control your robot at any given time. Leverage many features, including creating and adapting GPS and exclusion zones, adjusting mowing settings based on terrain conditions, and excluding high-risk or flooded areas. Embrace the unrivalled flexibility that WiseNav offers to turf professionals like yourself.

A Comprehensive All-in-One Solution

By choosing the cutting-edge WiseNav technology you can unlock the full potential of what Belrobotics automatic mowing/ball collection system provides. Seamlessly enjoy a hassle-free experience with these five key components:

  1. A robotic mower equipped with state-of-the-art GPS-RTK technology
  2. GPS-RTK base transmitting precise position corrections
  3. Convenient robot charging station for uninterrupted operation
  4. Effortless virtual marking of the boundaries (demarcation) and safety zones
  5. Access to a user-friendly web portal and mobile app for comprehensive control and real-time monitoring of your robotic mower
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Innovation for GPS-RTK Mowers and Ball Pickers

With WiseNav, mowing in straight lines without a boundary wire becomes a reality. This groundbreaking technology optimizes the mowing of zone edges, facilitates precise definitions of excluded picking zones, and ensures unwavering adherence to defined safety zones. Furthermore, WiseNav seamlessly integrates with wired installations, granting you, even more, versatility and options. Embrace the future of robotic mowing and ball collection with WiseNav today, and witness the transformation in your landscape like never before.

Embrace game-changing technology for a hassle-free experience.