Let robots take charge
of your outfield maintenance

Switch to automated drivng range maintenance and you could make time and cost savings. Reduce ball loss from cutting and compaction and enjoy a lush green outfield, all thanks to robot technology.

Automated driving range equipment for outfield mowing

Rethink what it means to “manage”

Traditional driving range equipment is used to carry out a handful of relatively small and not particularly profitable maintenance tasks that take up a large part of the working day.

The robot technology offered by AMS Robotics is a unique automated golf driving range solution that requires minimal human intervention.

You may think why change old habits, but consider the benefits of what having more time could do for your business. ‘How it’s always been done‘ may no longer be the most cost effective, efficient way to driving range maintenance.

24,000 m2
with BigMow
Upto 50%
No Plugging
balls are protected
Perfect Cut
lush green outfield

Robots in control

The BigMow robot mower continuously cuts the grass to an optimum length, giving the driving range outfield the comparable quality to a fairway. This is thanks to constant mulching, which strengthens the grass and gives it a flawless appearance. Your golfers’ vision of the ball’s point of impact is precise, the bounce is realistic, and the ball rolls as it would on a fairway.

The special golf edition of the BigMow robotic mower has ball deflectors fitted, to prevent balls from being cut or embedded into the ground. The BigMow robotic mower and the BallPicker ball collector go about their tasks independently, programmed according to user requirements.

All of the above coupled with the AMS ball wash and transport system, you will have the freedom to focus on other tasks, save time and money. All by switching to robotic driving range equipment.

Automated driving range equipment for ball collection

Easy maintenance

The BigMow autonomous mower gives you a perfectly mown turf at low cost and in perfect harmony with the environment. It significantly reduces routine treatments and care, helping to alleviate the overall cost of sports ground care.


Soil Damage

The BigMow electric lawnmower is lighter than petrol lawnmowers and does not damage the lawn, even when wet.

Grass Collection


No waste to pick up, transport, or process.



The mower does not compact the soil, so coring is not necessary.



Scarification is not normally necessary.

Transform your maintenance

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Time & Cost Savings

Reduced labour, no fuel, three times less energy, no waste disposal, no machine moving, very little maintenance, more time for you to spend on other tasks, less weed treatment and less watering.

Golf 43308

Streamline Resources

AMS robotic solution frees you from the chores of mowing and ball collection, leaving owners and maintenance personnel more time for other tasks.

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Environmentally Friendly

The robots consume 90% less energy. They are also less noisy thanks to their electrical operation. Last but not least, they provide an impressive reduction in CO2.

What our customers have to say

Melville Golf Centre

Melville Golf Centre Logo

Our outfield on the driving range has looked fantastic all winter compared to the mud field we usually have using tractors and ball collectors and the support from AMS is second to none

Steven Gray, Head Greenkeeper