Automated Range Ball Management

Range ball management made effortless

Whether you are a small or large practice facility our robotic range ball management system offers reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. Designed to be user-friendly and convenient, our automated ball wash & return system for range balls is made to industrial standards.

It works in conjunction with the robot ball collector ‘Ball Picker’ that collects the balls out on the driving range outfield. This ensures that from ball collection to return back to the dispenser, no human intervention is required.

  • Balls will be emptied into your hopper automatically
  • Save labour times and concentrate on other tasks
  • Continuous ball supply – ideal for large hoppers and busy schedules
  • The system is manufactured from quality components


Stage 1 – Range Ball Management

Once the robot ball collector is full, it returns to its charge station and drops the balls into the drop zone of the return system.

The drop zone hopper is manufactured from stainless steel to ensure durability for the long term.

Its stainless steel hopper has multiple relief points over its surface to minimise potential debris from entering the system.



Stage 2 – Range Ball Management

The balls enter the transport pipe, which is running in negative pressure and water is introduced to clean the balls.

They are then drawn along the pipe, through a brush wash unit, allowing clean balls to be delivered back to the ball dispenser.



Stage 3 – Range Ball Management

Once all the balls reach the final receiver they are released allowing the balls to be dropped into the ball dispenser.



The return system is managed by the AMS robotics control panel, that is usually located alongside the dispenser inside the ball room.


In short our technological marvel brings efficiency and cost savings to golf facilities. Why not get in touch to arrange your FREE no obligation site appraisal and you can get started making the switch to automated ball management.

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