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Accessibility when you need it

The Belrobotics app and portal work in parallel.

Imagine heading outside and knowing exactly how much work time you have at your disposal. Your robot mower or ball collector works autonomously, due to its carefully worked-out programming. And to make your life even easier, our professional auto mowers and ball collector robots connect to the Belrobotics app and web portal. Therefore you can manage your fleet of robots entirely from your tablet or your smartphone.

Customised Experience

AMS Robotics Service & Support Plans include a Pay as you Go and Full Support Contract plan.

Pay As You Go
You have the option to upgrade from the Belrobotics App’s Offline package and subscribe to its Basic or Premium packages.

Full Support Contract
Our contracted customers already have access to Belrobotics App Premium package, as part of the Service & Support Contract.

Customised Experience - Belrobotics App

Belrobotics guarantees software updates during technical maintenance operations.
The ideal formula for users who want to make the most of remote control of their Connected line.
The most complete package on the market for demanding professional users: fleet management and remote support.

*Note: For customers that take out a AMS Service & Support Contract, customer access to the Premium package is included.
Price / year
€49 (BM BP PM)
€148 (BM BP) €98 (PM)
Software updates
Wi-Fi + 4G
Wi-Fi + 4G
Wi-Fi + 4G
User Commands
Alarm and notification management (updates, subscription renewals, etc.)
Update user settings: operating hours, cutting height, zone %, temperature
Status in real time + position on demand
Maintenance logbook (release in October 2020).
Fleet management dashboard

Remote initialisation and restart (release in October 2020).

Interactive map of cycles by zone
Activation/de-activation of cutting heads + Remote installation of software
Geolocation /Anti-theft security feature

Belrobotics App - Offline Mode

Offline Mode –  (without subscription)

The robotic mowers receive a software update via Wi-Fi during technical maintenance operations. Data regarding the performance and movements of the robots is recorded directly. This is stored for more than a year as operating cycles and is available via Wi-Fi. You can obtain the results in the form of intuitive graphs.

If you prefer to have continual updates and to obtain data in real time via 4G? A paid subscription on the Belrotics app and portal is required for access.


Status and position in real time

Your robot sends you its status in real time, as well as its battery status and the location of its last connection. Need to know its latest position? Look at the interface to find out.

Custom alarms and notifications

The new software lets you define for each robot, the types of notifications and alarms you want to receive via the channel of your choice. Whether it be E-mail, mobile phone alerts or dashboard notifications. You control the technical, subscription renewal, software update, or service reminder messages.

History of servicing and replacement parts

Proper care of robots ensures their durability and performance. Each robot is linked to a maintenance logbook. The portal records the service procedures performed and any parts replaced (release in October 2020).

Basic dashboard

View, sort, group, etc. Everything is possible in just a few clicks whilst in the dashboard in ‘basic’ mode. Keep an eye on your favourite robots and identify machines that are active and those that need your attention. You can also view your list of robots in alphabetical order, by serial number, by performance score or date of installation. Everything has been thought of.

Remote control

Thanks to a direct connection to the robotic mower, you can control it remotely via the portal or the app: mowing, charging, resuming work when charging is complete. For Ball Picker models discharge the balls.

Belrobotics App


Premium Fleet Dashboard

The Premium fleet dashboard lets you optimise the care of your fleet. In addition to the functions of ‘Basic’ Mode, you benefit from an real time overview of all the robots in your fleet. In just a few seconds, you can geolocate your entire fleet on an interactive map and identify the performance level of the robots. You can also check which version of the software is installed on your machines.

Remote restart

This option lets you remotely reset and restart a robot that was in alarm mode. This function allows a risk-free restart after the cause of the stoppage has been identified (release in October 2020).

Belrobotics Web Portal

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