Belrobotics BigMow Robotic Mower

Belrobotics BigMow robotic mower - AMS Robotics

Available Models

BigMow Connected

  • Can mow up to 24,000 sqm
  • Navigates using a physical perimeter wire
  • Area is designated with a physical boundary
  • Mows in a random pattern


  • Can mow up to 75,000 sqm
  • Navigates using GPS RTK technology
  • Area can be designated with a physical or virtual boundary (WiseNav) for wireless mowing
  • Mows in a strip pattern (straight lines)
71 kg
in weight
1033 mm
Cutting width
Cutting Heads


BigMow Plongant 3 4

Belrobotics BigMow Robotic Mower

Standard Connected Model Max. mowing area 24.000 m2
GPS RTK Model (Pattern Mowing) Max. mowing area 75.000 m2
Mowing width 1033 mm
Number of heads 5
Number of blades 15
Speed 3.6 km/h
Battery type LIFePo4
Standard battery capacity 19,2 Ah
Battery voltage 26.4 V
Charging time 80 min
Average annual consumption 830 kWh
Anti-theft safety feature Yes
Max. noise 52dB
Track & Trace + SMS Included
Weight (kg) 71 kg
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 111x127x51
Low cut – minimum 20 mm
High cut – maximum 100 mm
Standard max. slope 30%
Max. slope with option (Kit) 45%
Sonar Yes
Adaptive mowing Standard
Multizone Yes
Obstacle sonar Yes
Fleet management system Yes

Do more with GPS – RTK Navigation

Belrobotics innovative GPS-RTK technology triples BigMow’s performance and improves its mowing capacity to 75,000 SQM. For the user, this translates to faster mowing times, as the robot navigates with increased accuracy of around 2 to 3 cm and allows it to mow in a strip pattern with minimal overlap.

Wire Free Mowing with WiseNav

GPS-RTK on-board technology already makes mowing in a straight line possible. With the WiseNav upgrade, the BigMow robotic mower can now mow your area without the need for a perimeter wire.

Photo Gallery

BigMow Connected – Top View
BigMow Connected – Charge Station
BigMow Connected – BackView
BigMow Connected – Sideview

BigMow robot mower suitable for a variety of green spaces

Suitable for a variety of green spaces

Belrobotics BigMow Robotic Mower is the highest-performance commercial robot mower in the world.

Robust, reliable and eco-friendly BigMow is recommended for sports pitches, driving ranges, public spaces or private estates.

It is up to the challenge.

BigMow Robotic Mower: The undisputed all-terrain champion

BigMow robot mower showing cutting heads

Uncompromising cutting method

BigMow is fitted with 5 floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground elevation.

In total, 15 stainless steel blades provide perfect, constant mulching.

Fitted with 5 sonars, the automower will instantly deactivate its cutting system if it encounters an unexpected obstacle.

A cutting width of 103 cm for uniform, safe working.

BigMow robotic mower covers large areas in a few hours

See the difference

  • Covers large areas in a few hours
  • Replaces several small robot mowers
  • Much cheaper than a garden tractor
  • 10 times lower CO₂ emissions*
  • 8 x lower energy costs*
  • No noise pollution
  • 100% ecological
  • Impeccable turf in better condition
  • Warning in case of theft or malfunction
  • GPS guidance system

* Compared with a diesel ride-on mower

Belrobotics App and Desktop Application

Reinvented connectivity

  • A web-based server. Your fleet hub.
  • An app for tablet and smartphone at your fingertips.
  • An anti-theft solution.
  • GPS location and geofencing alerts.
  • A maintenance history.
  • Proactivity guaranteed.

You will be able to manage your fleet of robots entirely from the web portal and the Belrobotics app on your smartphone.

Smart Mowing

BigMow robot mower - automated lawn mowing

BigMow works completely autonomously in all the zones delimited by the perimeter wire.

Its activity remains quiet at max. 52 dB A along with its productivity can be controlled and adjusted if necessary. The charging process at a low voltage station is entirely automated and safe.

A hard working mower with an average annual energy consumption of 830 kWh.

Embrace game-changing technology for a hassle-free experience.