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Free up man hours for more qualified tasks with Belrobotics large format robotic mowers, the ideal way to increase productivity, efficiency, reduce costs and get the perfect cut for your green space.

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers

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AMS Robotics have been distributing Belrobotics commercial robotic lawn mowers for a number of years. During this time we have gained unique know-how and experience of the highly efficient, large format professional mowers.

Wherever you choose to use Belrobotics lawn mowers, you’ll get quality results. The mowers work day after day to produce perfectly cut grass. Below are five main reasons why Belrobotics large format mowers are a smart choice for municipals, schools, company grounds, sports clubs, landscapers and other businesses.

Belrobotic robot mowers - reliable operation 24/7

24/7 Reliable operation

Belrobotics mowers work day and night, are weather proof and give you great results even in wet conditions. Not to mention, smart sensors stop the mower before any danger can occur. A pin protection feature and tamper alert system protect it from unauthorized tampering. If the Belrobotics mower gets stolen, an alert is sent and the built-in GPS shows the mower’s position.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Since Belrobotics mowers are electric, the robot mowers do not emit any C02 which helps to reduce your environmental impact. Moreover, it does the job quietly. Its cutting method uses sharp, rotating blades and a state-of-the-art motor to significantly reduce noise. This allows for 24/7 mowing in noise-restricted areas.

Belrobotic Robotic Mower - Reduced carbon footprint
Commercial Robotic Mowers - Manicured Cut

A manicured lawn

Wherever you choose to use your Belrobotics lawn mowers, it provides a first-rate result. By cutting the grass a small bit at a time, the razor-sharp blades deliver a lawn quality that regular blades can’t achieve. The nutrients and water content of the tiny clippings provide a constant source of fertilization for the lawn, to keep it healthy, lush and green. And because of the random cutting pattern and their low weight, the mowers leave no visible tracks.

Free up valuable time

Belrobotics mowers could be the best investment you’ve ever made. You free up man-hours, so you can spend your time on more important tasks, to deliver more value to your clients. What’s more, thanks to their sturdy design, the electric motor and the long-lasting Li-ion battery. It has a long service life and requires far less maintenance than conventional mowers, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Commercial robotic mowers - free up valuable time
Commercial Robotic Mowers - Belrobotics App

Keep track of your equipment

Forget manual controls. The Belrobotics app keeps you up to date and helps you manage your robot mowers from anywhere. Via a phone, tablet or laptop you’re able to get access to a map view of your mowers. Along with detailed stats, service history and notifications.

Belrobotics Mowers – the perfect choice for many commercial applications

It’s time for a change

Rethink the way you manage your driving range mowing with BigMow robotic mower, more efficient time and cost-saving way to enhance the look and health of your turf outfield. This coupled with the Ball Picker robot and the AMS ball wash and transportation system, make AMS Robotics the ideal solution to any modern thinking golf driving range.

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Commercial Robotic Mowing - Driving Ranges

High turf quality at a lower cost

The robotic mowing solution to enhance the health of your sports grounds and fields, save you time and cost you less than traditional mowing methods. Hundreds of clubs already use it to improve the quality of their grass, with minimal human intervention.

Discover Belrobotics robot mowers for sport clubs & fields >>

Commercial Robotic Mowing - Sport Clubs & Fields

Kick start your pitch health

It’s essential football pitches are kept in pristine condition. Be prepared for every game with Belrobotic robot mowers to help protect your turf against the effects of heavy usage. The revolutionary automowers cut is always equal and regular, ensuring playing conditions stay the same from one game to the next.

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Commerical robot mowers - football pitches - sports clubs & fields

The time has come for you to delegate

When innovative tech meets gardening, the magic starts to happen. The BigMow and ParcMow mowers enable you to operate, communicate and control your mower via the Belrobotics app.

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of Belrobotics robotic lawn mowers provide, by letting you make the most of your corner of paradise, while your robot mower works without supervision or any disruptive noise. Now is the time to join the thousands of people around the UK who are realising the benefits of robotic lawnmowers.

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Robot mowers for residential domestic large gardens

An eco-friendly solution to mowing

Robotic turf mowing is a great way for schools and universities looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Perfect for your sports pitches or recreational grounds, our robots are fully electric and cost less to buy/operate than the traditional man on a mower.

Discover Belrobotics robot mowers for Schools, Colleges & Universities >>

Commerical robot mowers for schools, colleges aand universities

Automate mowing at your complex sites

Some green spaces do not always work well with a human presence such as public drinking water reservoirs, high-voltage stations, solar farms etc. The Belrobotics all-terrain robot mowers are able to offer exceptional performance, even under difficult conditions. With features that allow it to adapt to a site with interference signals or in risky industrial environments.

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Commercial robotics mowers for utilities and extreme sites

Watch your turf care take off

Cut the grass at your airports, aerodromes and glider clubs without impacting your flying schedule. Belrobotic mowers help turf create a denser sward, reduce weed growth and act as a wildlife deterrent. BigMow and ParcMow mowers can enhance your safety practices by reducing the number of personnel out in landing areas.

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Commercial robotic mowing for airports and aerodromes

Give a first-class first impression

Your clients, guests and staff are sure to appreciate the premium cut quality offered by BigMow and ParcMow robotic mowers. Whether you manage the lawns for a hotel, national trust site, an office building or another private property, the Belrobotic lawn mowers deliver impressive results. With silent and fume-less operation, you can spend less time managing the lawns and more time on other tasks, while you have complete control with the Belrobotics app.

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Commercial robotic mowers for company grounds and business

A greener sustainable city

With the quality of parks, gardens and other urban green spaces were seen to be increasingly valued by city visitors and its citizens. Robotic mowing is a great way to lay the foundation for a sustainable city. BigMow and ParcMow robotic mowers are the ideal solutions to keep lawns green and healthy at a lower cost. All without disturbing local residents and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Commercial robot mowers for municipals

Less mowing and more for your bottom line

Free up man-hours to take on more qualified and more profitable jobs with robotic mowing. By investing in robot mowers from AMS Robotics, you can mow lawns at a considerably lower cost per square metre than a petrol ride-on. With the added benefit that BigMow and ParcMow robot mowers are quiet, unobtrusive and provide an excellent cutting result, it is sure to keep your customers happy too.

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Commerical robot mowers for landscapers

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