Consultation and Installation

Consultation & Installation - Easy as... 1,2,3

Easy as… 1, 2, 3

At AMS Robotics, customers will experience a highly personalised consultation and installation process. Whether it’s a robot mower installation for your green space or a ball management system for your driving range. Here is a brief rundown of what you can expect from us when choosing our range of robot technology.

Free No Obligation Site Appraisial

Step 1: Free Site Appraisal

During our first discussion, usually over the phone, we try to establish your current situation. Firstly we need to know how big the green space is. Secondly how complex the layout is and whether or not there are any steep slopes or obstacles. This is usually done using satellite mapping software. If necessary, a meeting is arranged to get to know you and your green space. The last step is to generate a proposal.

Step 2: Installation

Once the proposal is accepted, the installation process begins.

Driving Ranges – A site survey is carried out by an AMS specialist. They will examine the area and decide the best positioning of the boundary wire, charge stations, ball drop zone, etc. Above all taking into consideration any obstacles to avoid and slopes.

Installing the robots – A boundary wire is buried into a discreet channel, around the green space perimeter. For each robot required a charging station is installed. In addition, driving ranges also have the ball wash and transport system installed. The ball pit (see image) is what the BallPicker robot drops collected range balls into.

Installtion of driving range ball pit for the Belrobotics ball collector robot Ball Picker.

Step 3: Robots Take Control

With the consultation and installation process complete. The robotic system is ready to start automating those mundane maintenance tasks. Furthermore, for complete peace of mind we provide total support. This includes a dedicated Web App for fault reporting and parts ordering. In addition to this we provide a full annual service. After working for you day and night. We pamper your robot with a full diagnostic check, software updates, fresh set of blades and a clean and polish – collected and returned… all good as new.

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