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Here are just some of the testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers.

Slinfold Golf & Country Club

testimonials, Testimonials

We have had nothing but positive feedback about the robots, everyone seems to enjoy watching the new robot technology in action. We have even had some positive words from our men’s captain at recent dinner…Overall the experience has been a positive one, the support has been very good and we are very happy with the efficiency the robots have brought to our facility, it is really making a difference.

Luke Blacker
General Manager

South Cerney Golf Club & Driving Range

testimonials, Testimonials

With the install completed only a week ago at the end of October, the outfield is looking alot tidier already, the significance being that it’s only been the robots that have been in use. With the added fact that it has rained in the past few days the difference is much better, when compared to how it looked when traditional Ball Picker equipment was used. We are happy with the robots and expect the improvement of the overall outfield health is set to continue.

Mark Franklin
Managing Director

Parley Golf Centre

testimonials, Testimonials

Save a huge amount of time and money we can just leave them to it all day without having to worry about the range… It means our ground staff can concentrate on developing the new course and the other practice facilities we are bringing to the centre

Daryl Dampney

Stoke Park

testimonials, Testimonials

I think the most biggest improvement has been the outfield itself with the BigMow robot, and the fact of without having the heavy machinery going over it on a daily basis the quality of the outfield has improved dramatically…the only change was the resurfacing of all our bunkers, to accommodate the robots but we have not needed to implement anything else…People have enjoyed seeing them out there and obviously it’s good to have them at our disposable to work as long as it needs to do to keep the range clear night and day. So yeah overall it has been pretty positive.

Stuart Collier
Director of Golf

Waterfront Golf

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A great bonus for us is no more cut balls, as it’s been damp the last couple of weeks, we have been able to go out and remove the previous plugged balls so the outfield will improve even further with the robots. Overall it has been saving us time and money, which is what every facility owner really wants and is the reason why we went for the robots in the first place…We have had great feedback, it’s been mainly amazement from our customers that these two small robots are out on the outfield collecting balls and cutting the grass. It has been a real talking point and has generated alot of interest for us. Which has been great marketing from a commercial aspect and has been one of the immediate benefits of the robots since installation, it has been really positive I’m very pleased

Frank Houlgate
Owner and Head Professional

Horne Park

testimonials, Testimonials

Ball management at driving ranges is usually not at the top list of importance for most golfers that use the range. However it is most definitely a huge issue for range owners like myself. The constant battle to make sure the balls are collected every night and are ready again for when the range opens again the next day, is often very time consuming and resource draining. The outfield robots are a truly unique concept, that attempt to address this issue with Range Ball Plan and as such were a welcomed addition to the facility. It’s been about year since installation and overall I’d say the last year has been a somewhat mixed. The health of the outfield has improved and the when the balls are being collected its been tremendous, however with variables such as poor weather impacting the robots, it has been a struggle at times. That being said Phil and his team have been very proactive in trying to resolve issues, they have a strong desire to make the system work making the support service they offer very good.

Neil Burke

Tonbridge Golf Centre

testimonials, Testimonials

I was apprehensive at the start when seeing Phil and the robots for the first time because of how boggy our outfield gets in the winter – I thought ‘how are they going to get through the mud?’ But after 18 months I’ve realised that it was my heavy machinery on the outfield on a daily basis which were CREATING the mud !!!
…Now we have no boggy conditions due to the ball picker robot being so light and big mow mulching the grass finely back into the ground … I can only see the condition of the outfield improving year on year – this is definitely the way forward for managing any driving range outfield. I would highly recommend both the system as well as Phil and his very professional team. I would highly recommend any driving range install the AMS robotic system. It is one of the best decisions I have made for my range.

James Jones

Aston Wood

testimonials, Testimonials

I bought Aston Wood Golf Club, because of the great potential I saw in the course and the club. Since the purchase in October 2012, we have added a full fitness suit, extended and refurbished our full catering conferencing and function suites and added a state of the art driving range and the Aston Wood Teaching Academy. Along with everything we are doing at Aston Wood the range had to have the best facilities and products available to cater from the scratch golfers to the total beginner of all ages. To that end having looked at all options we decided on the BOP Europe / TrueStrike to fit out the range completely. We chose the TrueStrike mats, due to their unique performance and offer of choice of surface were the perfect fit for our clients. We looked at all options on ball collection and outfield grass management and we decided on the unique solution that Automated Managed Services Ltd offered by way of their state of the art, unique robotic automated technology which not only operates 24 hours a day keeping our overheads down but also looking after the range surface eliminating the need for us to drive heavy equipment across the outfield on a daily basis which is the primary caused of deteriorating and muddy outfields thus keeping the range looking first class all year round, Philip Sear the MD of both BOP Europe Ltd and AMS Ltd has been alongside us from the very early planning stages right the way through to opening, his experience with ranges and his advice has been invaluable to us. I would highly recommend their products, service and exemplary installation team.

Colin Crawshaw

China Fleet Country Club

testimonials, Testimonials

The install went really well, outfield is looking better than it ever did with the introduction of the robots and new targets. BigMow and BallPicker are very efficient; there were some initial teething problems due to wet conditions. However AMS’s technical support has been extremely good in resolving them. Overall we are very pleased with the AMS robot technology and the efficiency it has brought to our outfield maintenance management

Nathan O’Sullivan
Head Green Keeper

Cottingham Parks Golf & Leisure Club

testimonials, Testimonials

I can say that the initial consultation and sales process, along with the installation of the equipment by Phil, Sam and their team was excellent and the on going project to refurbish the golf driving range and practice facilities has already generated a lot of new interest at the club and we have had a lot of positive feed back from our existing customers and members which will hopefully translate into higher ball sales on the range in the near future.

Robert Wiles
Co-owner and Director


testimonials, Testimonials

We are very happy with the outfield robots, it has changed the way we operate at Foxhills driving range and while it may take some getting use to how the system works, it is a very much welcomed addition to help us streamline resources and reduce costs. I can only comment positively on Philip and his team, they were very professional, hard working, friendly and very communicative throughout. The installation overall was an easy and smooth process, with minimal disruption to the facility. I would recommend anybody thinking about ‘Range Ball Plan, to do it.

Chris Reeve
Golf Operations Manager

Hitchin Town FC

testimonials, Testimonials

It has certainly improved the playing surface at Top Field. Our grass coverage has increased with the density being much thicker due to the regular cutting. It also frees up valuable manpower hours for our volunteer ground staff as they are able to concentrate on other ground maintenance tasks. Hitchin Town FC would recommend the BigMow to all football clubs as the equipment is second to none and the service offered by the staff at AMS is both friendly and effective

Lenny Leroux
Head of Ground Management

Halesowen Town FC

testimonials, Testimonials

All members of the team are friendly, helpful, informative and above all highly efficient in everything that they have done for our club. Everyone at Halesowen Town FC would like to put on record of how satisfied we are of the Robot Mower and the overall service of the AMS team. The time and effort saved has been huge for us and the quality of the cut is very impressive and has certainly caught of the imagination of all the supporters and everyone involved with the club. Very easy to install and would recommend it to any football club looking to improve their playing surface.

Keith McKenna
Co-owner & Director

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