Extreme Sites

24,000 m2
coverage possible
Upto 50%
3 to 5
mowings per week
lower carbon footprint

The advantages of robotic mowing

Belrobotic’s robot mowers can handle the most difficult challenges thanks to their exceptional performance characteristics, helping to keep turf in a good healthy condition.

Suitable for extreme locations such as:

  • public drinking water reservoirs
  • high-voltage substations
  • photovoltaic installations (solar farms)
  • grass farms
  • airports

Airports, pumping stations, drinking water storage reservoirs, and waste water treatment plants:
The electric robots create no risk of polluting soil with fuel, oil, etc. Their low weight avoids all damage to pipes, unlike petrol-fuelled tractors.

Photovoltaic installations (Solar Farms):
The autonomous mower darts around between the rows of solar modules and under the modules. Unlike sheep, robotic mowers do not damage cables. Unlike petrol mowers, Belrobotics robots do not generate dust and do not soil the modules, which therefore preserve their maximum efficiency.

Cost Saving

Cut your costs. A Belrobotics autonomous mower costs less to purchase than a professional mower.

Energy Saving

The energy cost is three times less than equivalent petrol mowers.

Save Time

No cuttings to pick up, remove, or process. Major reduction in labour costs. Personnel are freed from mowing chores and able to devote themselves to other activities.

Easy maintenance

Greatly reduced labour costs. Personnel are freed from mowing chores and can spend time on other activities. Elimination / reduction of associated costs: scarification, coring, watering, chemical fertilisers, weed treatment, etc.

Soil damage

The BigMow electric lawnmower is lighter than petrol lawnmowers, and does not damage the lawn, even when wet.

Grass Collection


No waste to pick up, transport, or process.


The mower does not compact the soil, so coring is not necessary.



Scarification is not normally necessary.


The autonomous mower’s constant operation and the vibrations it transmits into the ground repel moles.

Chemical fertilisers

Constant mulching fertilises the grass naturally and reduces the need for chemical fertilisers.

Do you outsource the maintenance of your green spaces?

  • Reduce the overall costs of maintaining your sites.
  • Lease or buy our autonomous mower. It requires very little supervision and cuts the grass 24/7 or any time slot you decide to program.
  • You no longer need to wait for your gardening company to visit, just lush healthy green lawns.
  • You are no longer at the mercy of the weather, because the robotic mower will even operate in light rain. A cost-saving solution with a very fast return on investment.

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