Features & Design of Swozi Line Markers

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Impeccable Performance

Swozi Cart Pro – Designed for optimal work efficiency, accuracy and mobility

Unlike conventional line marking machines, the SWOZI Cart Pro has three wheels and is made of a lightweight aluminium frame without any plastic parts.

It is extremely rugged while promoting simplified usability. By utilising GPS technology to position and layout sports fields, ensures line marking is carried out effortlessly, faster and to perfection. No matter what size or type of sports field, the SWOZI cart pro does the job!

High Precision

To meet a wide variety of needs, you can choose from multiple signal sources to achieve high-precision positioning.

Back Wheels

To ensure a smooth forward movement, the rear wheels are larger and wider than usual.

Front Wheel

The smart front wheel naturally supports a straight line, but also allows for perfect circles from 1m to 100m radius.


With the use of the brake, perfect soccer pitch corner arcs can be marked by pivoting the cart around the left back wheel.

Swozi lightweight aluminum

The SWOZI cart is made of lightweight aluminium
with a handlebar for easy pushing.

swozi arm keeps straight

The SWOZI arm keeps the line straight even when you wander.

swozi adjust spray rate

The line width and spray rate are adjustable to your needs.

swozi paint app

The SWOZI paint app is easy to handle and runs on a standard Samsung tablet.


No matter what paint you prefer, the SWOZI system copes with any liquid paint.

Handle Bar

The handlebar can be moved down to easily transport the machine in a station wagon.


The cart is designed to keep all essential parts, such as the pump, plumbing and battery protected.


The cart can be equipped with one to two batteries or an optional battery swapping system. This allows you to work with the SWOZI for a full day without the need to recharge the batteries in between. For more productivity.

3 Reasons to choose Swozi for sports field line marking

Time Savings of more than 75%

  • Optimal work efficiency
  • 75 % time-saving
  • Reduced ink consumption
Swozi line marker time saving

Unbeatable accuracy to the CM

Thanks to the cutting-edge GPS and laser positioning technology, SWOZI is able to reach millimetre accuracy (laser), anywhere both outdoor and indoor.
Swozi line marker better accuracy

Freedom & Flexibility

  • No more time consuming and resource-intensive work
  • Over 100 sport templates with 1000s of variations
  • Fully customizable, smart templates
  • Can be used by anyone after 10 minutes of training
  • SWOZI works with different positioning sources:
  • Laser for stadiums and areas with poor GPS reception, GPS for outdoor sports fields.
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