GreenMow Classic


Greenmow : the technological solution. Up to 6000 m2.

The Greenmow is the ideal mower for those wanting freedom from mowing small to medium areas.

It is the consumer’s entry level to Belrobotics technology and performance: reliability, quality of manufacture, safety, and programming possibilities.

6.000 m2
Usable area
420 mm
Cutting width


Greenmow 2013 LD 1


Max. mowing area 6.000 m2
Mowing width 420 mm
Number of heads 2
Number of blades 6
Speed 2.1 km/h
Battery type LIFePo4
Standard battery capacity 10 Ah
More powerful battery options (Ah)
Battery voltage 26.4 V
Charging time 50 min
Average annual consumption 390 kWh
Anti-theft safety feature Yes
Max. noise 58dB
Track & Trace + SMS Optional
Weight (kg) 26 kg
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 80x65x36
Low cut – minimum 22 mm
High cut – maximum 75 mm
Standard max. slope 30%
Max. slope with option (Kit) -%
Sonar Yes
Adaptive mowing Standard
Multizone Yes
Obstacle sonar Yes
Fleet management system Yes

Belrobotics performance in a little robot


Small but mighty

The Greenmow is an excellent addition to the Belrobotics range: small and manoeuvrable but with the unique Belrobotics cutting quality.

It is used by well-informed customers who want an impeccable lawn.

It is used by consumers or organisations already equipped with Belrobotics, who want to supplement the automation of their mowing on smaller areas.

The Greenmow is ideal and economically justified on areas from 2000 to 6000 m2.


Economical and quiet

The Greenmow saves you money on fuel compared to a tractor mower, and significantly reduces your CO2 emissions.

350 kg of CO2 saved per year: that is equivalent to a return flight between Paris and Rome for one person.

During that time, you can enjoy your garden or lawn, especially since the Greenmow is very quiet (58 dB).


A cut above the rest

Other robots in the same category have an advertised capacity of barely 3000 to 4000 m2 in the best possible case. They are therefore recommended for areas no bigger than 2000 to 2500 m2 max. And they don’t have the power or cutting quality of the Greenmow.

With a Greenmow, you are choosing a robot that can easily mow an area of 2000 to 6000 m2 with two floating cutting heads that adapt perfectly to the area of the terrain. The Greenmow is robust, has a chassis designed for long life, detects obstacles thanks to its sonar, and can operate in multizone mode.

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