ParcMow Classic

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Parcmow Classic : Your automated groundskeeper.

Up to 10,000 m2.

This robotic mower is the ideal accessory for private individuals, public organisations, and companies with large gardens.

It independently maintains lawns of up to 10,000 m2. It saves precious time and money.

10.000 m2
Usable area
Cutting width


Parcmow 2013 LD

Parcmow Classic

Max. mowing area 10.000 m2
Mowing width 650 mm
Number of heads 3
Number of blades 9
Speed 2.8 km/h
Battery type LIFePo4
Standard battery capacity 10 Ah
More powerful battery options (Ah) 15 / 24
Battery voltage 26.4 V
Charging time 50 min
Average annual consumption 580 kWh
Anti-theft safety feature Yes
Max. noise 58dB
Track & Trace + SMS Optional (recommended)
Weight (kg) 36 kg
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 102x100x45
Low cut – minimum 22 mm
High cut – maximum 65 mm
Standard max. slope 30%
Max. slope with option (Kit) -%
Sonar Yes
Adaptive mowing Standard
Multi-zone Yes
Obstacle sonar Yes
Fleet management system Yes

Your automated groundskeeper

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Top Quality Grass

The Parcmow Classic offers the best cutting quality, power, and longevity in its category of robots. That is how it conquered many demanding customers in Europe, Japan, and the USA. According to the configuration of the terrain and the desired mowing times, it is installed on lawns from 4000 to 10,000 m2.

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Economical and quiet

The Parcmow Classic saves you money on fuel compared to a tractor mower, and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. 1000 kg of CO2 in less than a year! That corresponds to what a tree will absorb in its lifetime. So, when you buy a Parcmow Classic, it’s like planting a tree every year, with additional savings of almost €400 in fuel alone.

Moreover, the Parcmow Classic is very quiet (58 dB).

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More with less

A Parcmow Classic is better than several little robots. With a 10,000 m2 capacity and the multi-zone option, the Parcmow Classic can be programmed to mow different parts of a property efficiently. The Parcmow Classic is more powerful and provides better cutting quality thanks to its three floating heads, which adapt perfectly to the area of the terrain.

You only need to arrange one installation, one winter servicing, one power supply, etc.

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