Create a greener
more sustainable future

Let Belrobotics take care of mowing your parks and gardens. A eco-friendly, silent and sustainable solution local residents and visitors will love.

Robotic mowers for municipals

Create an eco-friendly city

If you’re a professional, in charge of looking after public areas. Choosing robotic mowers for municipals from AMS Robotics allows you to have the perfect cut. All while lowering your budget and without having to worry about noise pollution or fumes.

As more cities realise the value parks and gardens offer in creating an attractive city environment.

Making the switch to Belrobotic mowers is an eco-friendly and sustainable approach, that will benefit your local residents as well as the city’s visitors.

75,000 m2
coverage possible
Upto 50%
No Wire
with GPS RTK & WiseNav
Quality Cut
to the same height

Reduce your lawn care budget

The attractive cutting results are not the only thing to love about Belrobotics mowers.

Thanks to their low cost and automatic operation, means you can get the job done cheaper with less effort. Thus creating a very strong business case for switching.

The Connected Line offers coverage up to 24,000 sqm, while the GPS RTK offers up to 75,000 sqm, with the added bonus of Wireless mowing when assisted by WiseNav technology.

Moreover, it frees up time and your budget, so you can focus on other areas, allowing you to further develop your local environment.

Robotic mowing for counicils, reduce your lawn care budget
Monitor your robotic mowers for municipals, qitht he Belrobotics App

Monitor your mowers

The Belrobotic app keeps you updated and helps you control your battery robot mower from anywhere.

Using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you’re able to get access to a map view of your mower(s). Along with detailed statistics, fault alerts and anti-theft notifications.

Lower your environmental impact

Belrobotic robot mowers are not only an excellent method to transform your local urban green spaces.

Switching to battery-powered robotic mowers is a great way to largely reduce your CO2 footprint.

Furthermore, it helps you contribute to a more sustainable world and lead the way for other cities.

Lower your environmental impact with ParcMow robot mower
Robotic mowing, lowwe costs and attractive results

Low costs & attractive results

A Belrobotic mower costs less to buy than leading traditional ride-on mowers. They provide your parks and gardens with a new level of lawn quality. That will be loved by local residents and visitors alike. Why not free yourself from the chores of mowing? Save vast amounts of time and devote your energy to other areas.

Robotic mowing, save energy and cut emissions

Save energy & cut emissions

Perfect for helping to decrease your overall energy use. The BigMow robotic mower, for example, uses on average 830kwh per year. Belrobotic robotic mowers for municipals help to lower fumes and CO2 emissions. This is a great way to help you meet your sustainability targets.

Robot mowers saves time and workd quietly

Saves time & keeps the peace

Belrobotic mowers cut grass in near silence, allowing you to mow unobtrusively in residential areas and public parks. There are no cuttings to pick up, remove, or process. It saves time and labour lessens the need for turf treatments.

Do you employ a gardening service?

Why not ask them to consider AMS Robotic’s mowing solutions? By leasing or buying a Belrobotic robot mower, they could reduce their costs and possibly also your bill. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Ask your gardening service provider to consider Belrobotic robot mowers

Embrace game-changing technology for a hassle-free experience.