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Sports club, pitch, athletics field or arena? Transform your turf care into a spectator sport and produce a dense, healthy green playing surface, the crowds will cheer for.

Robotic mowers for sports clubs and fields

Robotic mowers for sports clubs, pitches and fields

When it comes to sport turf care, mowing is one of the most important factors. It can dictate the appearance, health and vigour of the grass sward.

Belrobotics Bigmow and Parcmow mowers are the perfect solution for your grass cutting needs. They offer frequent weekly mowing, a uniform cut and cost savings of up to 50%. The tiny grass clippings also feed the soil in a 100% ecological way. Allowing the roots of the grass to grow deeper. This provides better anchoring into the ground, making the grass more impact resistant. 

Always cuts to the same height
Upto 50% savings
3 to 5 mows per week
Coverage upto 24,000 sqm

Superior coverage for larger areas

Unlike other popular robot mower brands. A single Belrobotics mower offers the coverage needed, for commercial mowing of large areas.

For instance, a single Bigmow Connected offers coverage of up to 24,000 sqm and can be used to manage several pitches. The 5 floating cutting heads adapt instantly to the ground elevation. In total, 15 stainless steel blades provide constant mulching and a cutting width of 103 cm.

Superior coverage for larger areas - Belrobotics BigMow Mower
How sports clubs and fields benefit robot mowers

How sports clubs, pitches and fields benefit

Healtheir turf and a better playing experience

Your playing areas remain first class, thanks to the robots mowers mulching technique. Your turf is more resistant and the players benefit from a flexible and consisitant pitch.

A traditional mow can create slippery and dangerous areas. However with Belrobotics automowers you get the perfect cut without the need to collect waste grass cuttings. Their lightweight nature also means its impact on the ground is substantially less.

But don’t just take our word for it. Sports ground managers have reported structural improvements to the grass in the form of density, vivacity and gradual natural regrowth in the most exposed areas.

Sport, nature and sustainability

Automated mowing allows you to reduce your ecological footprint, when compared to a classic combustion engine mower.

With 10 times lower CO2 emissions, no deterioration of the edges and a reduced usage of chemical fertilisers. Your players and visitors will appreciate the eco-friendly nature of their club.

Robotic mowers for sports clubs and fields
Robotic mowers work to your schedule - Belrobotics App

Robotic mowers work to your schedule

During the growing season, the grass must be cut regularly. The height of the turf depends on usage and the type of pitch. With Belrobotics customisation options such as cutting height, zoning and scheduling available via the Belrobotics app and web portal. The robot mower can work quietly and autonomously 24/7.

The mowers easily detect any obstacles it encounters on the route, thanks to sonar technology. If the robot is lifted off the ground, the blades immediately stop and retract.

When compared with traditional mowing. Robotic mowers for sports clubs, pitches & fields provide a massive operating cost savings. Why not make Belrobotics mowers a member of your team for the long term.