Robotic Mowing Service Plan


Robotic mowing service

Our robotic mowing service is an automated mowing solution for large turf areas above 6,000 m2. Whether you opt for our rental or buying options. The solution is designed to automate the grass cutting of your green spaces.

How is it implemented?

The robotic turf mowing solution utilises the  Belrobotics BigMow or ParcMow robots.

How much is the monthly cost?

Rental Option: The monthly fee is calculated based on the size of the green space and includes the full service and support of the robotic system.

Buying Option: The price is calculated based on the results of your FREE no-obligation site appraisal. Buyers also have the option to subscribe to our full service and support contract.

How It works range ball plan

Simple Step By Step Process

Signing up to Robotic Mowing Service Plan is explained in our easy 4 step process below.


Stage 1

No Obligation Site Appraisal

A meeting is arranged with one of our AMS sales team which calculates a mowing service plan based on the size of your green space or an equipment purchase price.

The benefits of having your turf mowing as an affordable monthly payment, means you get all the benefits of robot technology now while spreading the cost over a fixed period.

Not to mention, with the availability of grants makes automated mowing even more cost-effective for grass root sports grounds.

The appraisal will examine the area where the autonomous mower will operate, taking into consideration the positioning of the charging station, obstacles to be avoided, slopes to climb etc.


Stage 2


A boundary wire is installed which surrounds the outfield and creates a magnetic field that guides the robots. The wire is buried in a discreet channel that is naturally filled in within two or three days without leaving any trace. The required number of charge stations are installed depending on the number of robot mowers.


Stage 3

You Take Control

The AMS technician guides you through the learning phase and hands over control to you.


Want to know more?

Get in touch to arrange your free no obligation site appraisal