Robots vs Range Ball Picker Haulers


Robotic Range Ball Picker: How Are They More Efficient?

How does robotic ball collection compare with vehicle-mounted ball collectors? Can robotic ball pickers handle large ball volumes? Known as golf ball pickers or range ball picker. Pickers are designed to collect the range balls from the driving range outfield. Here is our robots vs range ball picker haulers guide to help get you in the know before you make the switch from human-operated ball pickers to a robotic ball collector.


Tradtional Ball Picker
Noisy, heavy, polluting and damages outfield health
Noisy equipment can distract golfers and annoy neighbours. They also emit exhaust fumes / odours polluting the environment. Continuous use of heavy equipment can cause soil compaction, resulting in costly treatments such as coring to resolve it.
Damaged golf balls
Balls can become plugged due to heavy equipment pushing the balls into the ground. The blades from the mower can also cut and damage the balls.
Limited capacity and risk to staff
traditional ball collectors vary in size by ball capacity, so you are limited by the capacity is can collect at. Also they are often prone to jackknifing causing a safety risk, as staff have to get out of the cart to untangle the picker on the outfield.
Costly and labour intensive
Traditional equipment require manual operation and can also affect driving range opening times. These factors all result in labour and equipment maintenance costs, along with lost revenue in having to close the range to perform maintenance tasks.
Quiet, lightweight, eco-friendly, improve’s outfield health
The BigMow and BallPicker robots are lightweight, so do not compact the soil. They emit 10 x less CO2 and are significantly quieter. The mowers unique mulching technique means the grass cuttings act as a natural fertiliser, reducing the need for chemical intervention.
Protected golf balls
The BigMow robot has deflectors which guide’s and gently pushes the golf ball out the way so avoids cutting and damaging the balls during mowing. The BallPicker lightweight design doesn’t embed the balls in the ground, so they remain easily retrievable.
Efficient collection and safer staff
Whether you’re a quiet or busy driving range, the robotic range picker has got you covered. In fact the more balls out on the outfield the more efficiently it collects. With ball collection being automated, it reduces the risk associated with staff being out on the outfield.
Minimal human intervention
Overall BigMow and the BallPicker, require roughly a few minutes maintenance every day. Allowing personnel to spend their time on more useful and rewarding activities.

*comparison with a diesel ride on mower/ball picker

In conclusion the robots vs range ball picker haulers guide, highlights the benefits of robot ball collection can provide golf facilities, such as a flexible schedule, healthier outfield, better ball rentention and increased efficiency. Why not arrange your FREE no obligation site apparaisel and kick start your automated ball management.

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