Robots vs Ball Washers & Manual Ball Transport


Automated Ball Cleaning & Transport: Is It More Productive?

How does automated ball washing and transportation compare with traditional methods? Does it improve ball processing times? Here is our robots vs ball washers & manual ball transport guide, to tell you the benefits of switching to automated ball washing and transportation system.


Reduced productivity, requires manual loading
Traditional ball washers require the user to manually load the balls to be washed. This usually involves buckets of balls being physically emptied into the wash system, so human intervention is required in order for it to operate.
Time consuming, manual ball transportation
The balls need to be manually emptied back to the hopper, repeated emptying back and forth to the dispenser is time-consuming and labour intensive.
Ball supply is inefficient
Range ball collection can usually only be carried out at certain times a day. This coupled with the manual operation of the ball washer and ball transportation; means resources such as time, labour and energy cannot be deployed efficiently.
Ball loading is automated, so is more efficient
The balls are dropped into the ball pit by the BallPicker robot, the ball pit mechanism then funnels the balls into the wash and transportation system.
Automated ball transportation, saves time and labour
The balls are drawn along the transportation pipe by vacuum to the final receiver, which then releases the balls back into the dispenser. Eliminating the need for human intervention, thus providing labour savings and a reduced processing time.
Ball supply is streamlined
By automating the ball washing and transportation ensures the facility has a continuous ball supply, as it works in conjunction with the BallPicker collector robot.

*comparison with traditional ball washing & transportation methods

In conclusion the robots vs ball washers & manual ball transport processes, higlights the overall benefits automated ball management can provide golf facilities. Why not get the ball rolling and arrange your free no obligation site appraisel.

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