Site Evaluation for Swozi Line Markers

GPS or Laser? Auto or Manual?

Making the right choice

We understand that every sports club has different needs and challenges regarding their pitch. Therefore, to ensure you get the right product for your facility AMS carries out a site evaluation for Swozi Line Markers.

Whether GPS or Laser is the right positioning technology or a combination of both can only be defined after evaluating the location of the site.

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Site Evaluation

Line marking solutions for every challenge

When evaluating the location of your site we at AMS Robotics take into account the many requirements and factors your site may be facing.

We then provide customer-specific advice on which marking solution best meets the needs of the sports field/pitch.

Below are just some of the factors we take into consideration when evaluating your sports pitch:

Sports Field Infrastructure

  • The playing fields are shaded with many trees.
  • The boards are positioned awkwardly to the edge of the playing field.
  • There are several playing fields next to each other, which must be marked in one operation.

Different Sports Field Surfaces

  • Artificial turf
  • Natural grass
  • Hybrid turf
  • Cinder pitch

Work Efficiency & Organization

  • The paths to the actual playing field are long.
  • There is little storage space.
  • The pitches are far apart.

How our site evaluation process works

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Evaluation of your space

We come and analyze the pitch/field. We not only look at the pitch/field but also take into account the other conditions such as side fields and running paths.


Based on the analysis we will give you a recommendation on which solution is ideal for you. We will be happy to show you a demonstration of the model suggested in action.

Everyone happy

With the site analysis complete and the recommendation accepted, your SWOZI Cart Pro Line Marker is ready to run without obstacles and like clockwork.

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