Swozi Cart Pro – Line Marker System

Swozi cart pro push3


A walk-behind Robotic Precision Guided Sports Field Line Marker.

The walk and push line marking machine makes line marking on sports fields a whole lot easier. Simply choose your desired field type, position the starting point and get going. Thanks to its big wheels, the cart pro is easy to push.

The GPS-controlled spray arm ensures straight lines all the time, even when you go astray. For sports facilities with poor GPS reception, you can use the SWOZI Laser Tracker instead to achieve a perfect result. The available upgrade options make this the most versatile model and the ideal solution for contractors.

A typical soccer field can be marked by 1 person in 20 minutes with the SWOZI cart pro – push.


A self-guided fully AUTONOMOUS Robotic Sports Field Line Marker.

Enjoy the benefits and convenience of automated line marking. Simply choose your desired field type, position the starting point and watch the cart do its job. With a speed of 7km/h, it marks every sports turf with 100% accuracy. Two fitted batteries give you a solid run time of four hours on average. The optional battery swapping cradle further increases the run time and your productivity.

In locations with weak satellite reception (e.g. under tree lines), the SWOZI Cart Pro can be easily switched to manual mode. This provides greater flexibility for operational performance and efficiency.

Swozi cart pro auto

Swozi ride on


A RIDE-ON Robotic Precision Guided Sports Field Line Marker

The ride-on line marking machine gives groundsmen and contractors a highly flexible and efficient option to service multiple sports fields or pitches.

Simple and intuitive to use, just dock the ride-on unit onto the cart and off you go.

With the ability to fit more batteries into the cart, operators have the freedom to mark fields without any interruption all day long.

Who are Swozi GPS Line Markers designed for?

  • Rugby clubs
  • Football clubs
  • Stadiums
  • Cities/Schools
  • Major clubs
  • Sports clubs
  • Service providers
  • Maintenance

What surfaces can Swozi Line Markers be used on?

  • Natural grass
  • Hybrid turf
  • Synthetic turf
  • Hard surface

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5 reasons why SWOZI is a world leader in robotic line marking equipment.

  1. SWOZI is a world leader in robotic line marking equipment.
  2. It offers three robotic sports field line marking solutions;
  3. SWOZI Cart AUTO, a self-guided AUTONOMOUS line marking robot.
  4. SWOZI Cart PUSH, a precision-guided walk-behind or ride-on line marker with GPS robotic arm.
  5. All units utilize SWOZI’s patent-pending technology to achieve centimeter accuracy during sports field line marking applications.

Embrace game-changing technology for a hassle-free experience.