Robotic Mowing

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1 Robot - 19 acres - No Problem

Belrobotics large format robotic mowers free you from the chore of mowing, whether you have a large garden, field, pitch or green space - AMS Robotics has a robotic mowing solution to suit your needs. Make the switch so you can benefit from a workforce that is economical, available 24/7 and offers the perfect cut.

Ball Management

AMS ball wash and transport system

Collect - Clean - Transport

Your driving range can benefit from a continuous ball supply with our driving range ball management system. Range balls are collected, washed and transported back to the dispenser automatically. We also offer robotic mowing for a complete outfield maintenance solution

GPS Line Markers

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1 field – 1 person – 20 minutes

The Swozi GPS guided line marking system ensures pin-point accuracy, so you can benefit from initial and remarking set outs in next to no time. It offers 100% consistency, allowing you to make tapes, pegs and strings things of the past.. Get the perfect field in minutes – every time!

Why Automate Mowing & Ball Management

Perfect Cut

The robot mowers provide the perfect cut, for healthier greener grass. The blades of the robotic mower are as sharp as a scalpel and cut the grass into very fine particles.


You can save between 10 - 50%. Do the maths with our AMS sales team. No labour, no fuel, no waste removal, no machine moving costs, etc.

No More Chores

AMS robotic mowers eliminate the need for lawn-mowing chores, saving considerable time for owners, gardeners, and maintenance personnel.

Eco Friendly

Up to 90% less energy consumed, reduced noise and CO2 emissions, helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Continuous Ball Supply

With our driving range ball management system, your balls are collected, washed and returned to the ball dispenser.

Turf Friendly

The robots are lightweight meaning less impact damage on the outfield. Regular mowing.

Benefits of GPS Line Markers

Time saving

Save up to 75% time

Less Paint

Reduced paint consumption


Line marking can be carried out by a single person

Continuous line

Quality with highest accuracy


Over 100 field templates to choose from


Significant savings on operating costs

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Traditional mowers vs robot mowers

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An automated greenkeeper assistant, not a replacement

'Robotic maintenance an automated greenkeeper assistant, not a replacement ' is a topic I'm sure will spark some interesting debate within the i

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