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Commercial Robot Mowers

Wireless Mowing

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Automated Maintenance

Turf Care

Our Turf Care Solutions

At AMS Robotics (Automated Managed Services), we bring 21st-century convenience to turf care maintenance. Our goal is to bring efficiency to turf care practices by using automation to help save you time, money and energy resources.

Robotic mowing

1 Robot – 19 acres – No Problem

Ball Management

Collect – Clean – Transport

GPS Line Markers

1 field – 1 person – 20 minutes

What Choose AMS Robotics

Autonomous Turf Care

Our turf care solutions include battery-powered robotic mowers, automated ball management for driving ranges and GPS line markers for sports fields.


Leasing options and maintenance service plans for that extra peace of mind. A dedicated support app and online store for parts ordering.

Fleet Management

Total remote control at your fingertips with the Belrobotics App & Portal. Along with easy programming with the Swozi Paint App.

Why Automate

Perfect Cut

The robot mowers provide the perfect cut, for healthier greener grass. The blades of the robotic mower are as sharp as a scalpel and cut the grass into very fine particles.


You can save between 10 – 50%. Do the maths with our AMS sales team. No labour, no fuel, no waste removal, no machine moving costs, etc.

Save Time

Say goodbye to manual lawn mowing, ball management and line marking. Save considerable time, money and resources. The ideal solution for gardeners, groundsmen and maintenance personnel.

Eco Friendly

Up to 90% less energy consumed, reduced noise and CO2 emissions, helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Continuous Ball Supply

With our driving range ball management system, your balls are collected, washed and returned to the ball dispenser.

Accurate Line Marking

Over 100 field templates to choose from. Quality lines with the highest accuracy and reduced paint consumption.

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