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Perfect Cut

The robot mowers provide the perfect cut, for healthier greener grass. The blades of the robotic mower are as sharp as a scalpel and cut the grass into very fine particles.


You can save between 10 - 50%. Do the maths with our AMS sales team. No labour, no fuel, no waste removal, no machine moving costs, etc.

No More Chores

AMS robotic mowers eliminate the need for lawn-mowing chores, saving considerable time for owners, gardeners, and maintenance personnel.

Eco Friendly

Up to 90% less energy consumed, reduced noise and CO2 emissions, helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Continuous Ball Supply

With our driving range ball management system, your balls are collected, washed and returned to the ball dispenser.

Turf Friendly

The robots are lightweight meaning less impact damage on the outfield. Regular mowing.

Case Studies

Case studies of AMS robotic installations

ByAMS 19th October 2017

High Legh Park Golf Club

Andrew Vaughan owner of High Legh Park Golf Club, bought the club back  in 2011 after it previously went into receivership. We speak to abo

Outfield Robots BigMow & Ball Picker
ByAMS 22nd August 2017

Stoke Park Country Club, Spa & Hotel

Stoke Park's driving range, saw the recent installation of AMS Robotic's automated outfield maintenance technology. Stuart Collier the di

South Cerney Golf Club Robot Technology
ByAMS 30th March 2017

South Cerney Golf Club

South Cerney Golf Club and Driving Range is situated on the edge of the popular Water Park area, just outside of Cirencester. The driving range

Slinfold Golf & Country Club Robot Technology
ByAMS 30th March 2017

Slinfold Golf & Country Club

Slinfold Golf and Country Club is located in Horsham, West and has a 14 bay floodlight driving range along with a 27 hole course with the 18 hol

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