Quality Cut, Reduced Costs
Lower Emissions

Free up man hours for more qualified tasks with Belrobotics large format robotic mowers, the ideal way to increase productivity, efficiency, reduce costs and get the perfect cut for your green space.

Meet your new outdoor assistant

Transform the chore of mowing into an easy and effortless one with Belrobotics commercial robotic lawn mowers.

Our range of commercial robot mowers free you from the chore of mowing, whether your large garden or green space is flat, sloping, plain or complex – AMS Robotics has a robotic mowing solution to suit your needs.

BigMow part of the Belrobotics commercial robotic lawn mowers
leading commercial robotic mower

The right mowing choice for large lawns

Our range of auto mowers from Belrobotics meet your mowing needs and allow you to easily maintain lawns over 5,000 sqm: from large private gardens, football pitches, and business premises to flat green spaces. Get the right robot mower for your large green space, let Belrobotics mowers effortlessly mow your lawn to perfection.

Customise your mowing schedule via the Belrobotics App & Web Portal and define your working area with a physical or virtual boundary (WiseNav). Once set up, the mower gets to work while you get on with other tasks.

When mowing is complete or the battery needs recharging, your robotic lawn mower automatically returns to its charging station. Rain or shine, day or night, Belrobotics lawn mowers give you the perfect cut, without the hassle.

Belrobotics highlights

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Robot lawn mower for large areas

Entrust Belrobotic robot mowers with your large grounds. A revolutionary large format automated concept that is best suited to public bodies and to businesses that have to manage green spaces up to 120 acres.

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Save Time & Money

Begin saving time and money from the moment of installation. Their self-charging and navigating abilities, showcase Belrobotics mowers as independent as it is dependable. Even time spent on maintenance and cleaning is at a minimum, all dues to its solid, sturdy and reliable design.

Belrobotics BD 31

An eco-friendly natural solution

The high-performance Belrobotics mowers are powered by electricity, unlike traditional petrol lawn mowers. This means no direct CO2 emissions during the mowing of your lawn.

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Safety & Security

Belrobotics mowers have been extensively tested to comply with safety requirements for users, children and animals. Engineered to reduce the risk of blade contact, stop automatically if lifted or turned over, and detect and avoid objects or obstacles on the lawn. Belrobotics mowers are equipped with theft protection features.

Connected Line: Random mowing

Transform your mowing experience with the Connected Line. These robots are sturdy and offer you an impeccable cut as well as a reassuring user experience.

GPS RTK: Systematic mowing

The leading large format Belrobotics robot mower can now be guided by GPS RTK to give you faster mowing times and pattern mowing.

WiseNav – perimeter wire-free robotic lawn mowers

Introducing a new era of robotic lawn mowers without a boundary wire. The Belrobotics BigMow GPS RTK and ParcMow GPS RTK have been optimised for larger lawns and green spaces.

Feedback from our customers

Smart turf care solutions

When purchasing a Belrobotics robotic lawn mower, you can benefit from the full AMS Robotics package – with professional guidance on mowers, installation, purchase options, accessories and more. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Robot Mowers

Robotic Mowers

The Belrobotics range of robotic mowers includes the BigMow and ParcMow. Designed as the ideal robotic mowing solution for your unique lawn and garden.

Belrobotics App & Web Portal

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The Belrobotics App & Web Portal app works with your robotic lawn mower, putting convenience and control at your fingertips.

Robot Maintenance Plans

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Invest in the health of your robot mower with AMS Robotics service and support plans. As we believe that maintenance is better than repair.

Embrace game-changing technology for a hassle-free experience.